Meet our Director, Domenic Minniti

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Meet Domenic, or Dom as he is known by his friends and colleagues. The dedicated, hard-working and ambitious leader as been working within the Construction Industry for over 30 years.

For over 40 years Minniti and Son has provided Perth with luxury custom homes. With a wealth of experience and a collaborative nature with Perth’s best emerging designers, the team at Minniti and Son have provided innovative and contemporary designs to suit each client’s individual lifestyle and earned a reputation for being one of the best luxury custom builders.

Dom has been a key part in the expansion of Minniti and Son throughout the years, this is his story.


Dom has always had a passion for building, fostered by his father from an early age. At the age of 15, he began laboring for his father on-site, learning each part of the business. As his experience in the industry grew his vocation became clearer, working hard for the reward of a completed project and sharing the excitement with clients as he handed over their new homes.

From meetings with customers to laying foundations and putting final touches on landscaping, Dom learned from his father all the intricacies of building the perfect home, supporting his trades and how to succeed in the Perth building industry – something he prides himself on today.


Upon taking over the company from his father Salvatore, Dom began to take on bigger and more complex projects. This led to the creation of Domination Homes and the beginning of taking on client projects. Domination Homes was introduced as a luxury home builder within the Minniti and Son group that focuses on expressive and unique design. The expansion allowed the Domination Homes team the opportunity to create innovative designs and rise to any challenge.

Through Domination Homes, Dom was able to build homes of the highest calibre while implementing modern construction techniques and internal processes, in which our supervisors now follow and build upon as the business grows.

As Dom’s expertise in luxury homes was nurtured, the projects he supervised became increasingly versatile. This broadened the spectrum of design capabilities for the Minniti and Son group attracting clients with a keen eye for contemporary design, and in turn delivering homes to this specification.


During this time, Dom’s vibrant personality and good nature assisted him to create lasting friendships with suppliers and trades, maintaining these friendships for decades. These relationships have been foundational to Dom’s success in the building industry, and the consistent delivery of high-end finishes for our clients’ homes and investment properties.

The relationships foster loyalty and honesty between Dom and his suppliers, with efficient communication and accurate timelines. These close ties with suppliers assure our clients that the products and finishes that are sourced for their premium homes are certified and ethical.


Today, Dom is the Managing Director of Minniti and Son, with three generations of Minniti all working within the company. Dom is an ardent leader, striving to improve and grow internal processes as the industry changes. He supports the endeavors of his team to push the boundaries of both design and sustainability without compromising on luxury.

Dom is not the kind of Director that is elusive and unavailable to his clients, he takes pride in the personable experience our clientele receive. He personally performs inspections at each stage of construction and a final inspection on each home built by Minniti and Son as a method to ensure excellence in detail and design and supports his team to ensure every job is a quality home.

Much like his father before him, Dom carries on the tradition of providing the ultimate Italian luxury experience.


Minniti and Son has several exciting homes being designed with a focus on fusing luxury design, construction, quality, and excellence in sustainability. Dom is personally passionate about making his projects as sustainable as possible, often aiming to achieve the highest Energy Star rating a project can achieve. These projects are all being personally overseen by Dom to ensure this commitment to excellence across all categories is met.

Dom is excited to take this next phase of Minniti and Son to new heights. To discover how Domenic and his team can make your ideal luxury property a reality, get in touch with our team today.

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