Three Generations on, Continuing the Tradition of Excellence

About Us

Minniti and Son is Perth’s bespoke luxury home builder. We bring a wealth of experience to every luxury custom home we design and build. Our new homes are innovative and tastefully designed to suit each customer’s individual lifestyle and constructed with the highest quality craftsmanship.

We work with Perth’s best emerging designers

We work with Perth’s best emerging Designers and Architects, to constantly innovate the way we design and refine our designs and construction to best suit the refined taste of Perth’s luxury buyers. It is our tailored service and fine attention to detail that enables us to consistently deliver only the best luxury homes that exceed expectations time and time again. With over 40 years of building experience in Perth, our team is dedicated to tailored homes, timeless in design and exquisite craftsmanship.

Over 40 years building quality, tailored homes

At Minniti and Son, we’re proud of our over 40 years of prosperous service. By building with us, you’re choosing a company with a strong financial standing ensuring your home is completed to an excellent standard. We value our ability to support our clients through their building journey and to providing assurance that our company and its financial foundation will ensure the quality construction of your home to completion.

Our History

Salvatore Minniti, known by family as Sam, arrived in Australia in 1961, intending on building a better life for his wife, Francesca, and their future family. After many years working in the building industry around Perth, Sam formed Minniti & Son in 1997 – a building company based on the foundations of Italian values. Sam would manage, supervise, estimate, schedule and carry out all financial accounts, all himself from his home office until 1998. He grew this business over the years by building the finest quality homes and developments in Perth and surrounding areas.

Domenic Minniti grew up in the family business and Salvatore encouraged his son to learn all the fine details of running a successful luxury home building company from a very young age. At the age of 15, he began labouring for his dad on site, learning each part of the business. From meetings with customers to laying foundations and putting the final touches on the landscaping, Domenic learned from his father all the intricacies of building the perfect home, supporting his trades and how to succeed in the Perth building industry – something he prides himself on today. Once Domenic received his builder’s license, he began concreting alongside his good friend Mark Audino, soon to be his brother-in-law.

Domenic supervised his first job at the age of 17. His first job was to oversee the completion of a commercial space, fitted for a car dealership. As Domenic increased in experience, the jobs he supervised became increasingly more complex as his experience and expertise broadened. Dom and his father built large unit developments in this time, ranging from 4 units to entire streets!

Building such large projects was a bold move, but ultimately resulted in designs that pushed the abilities of both Salvatore and Domenic and allowed them to become the confident designers with expert intuition that they are today.

Today, with Domenic as the Director of Minniti and Son and with 3 generations of Minniti all working within the company to honour the history of the brand – creating intelligently designed, innovative and quality homes founded in strong Italian values. The heart of the business remains true, to create quality custom homes for families to love for generations to come.


On the 03/03/1941, Salvatore Minniti was born, in Delianuova, Calabria – Italy.

Salvatore Minniti arrived in Australia in 1961 by boat, intent on building a better life for his wife, Francesca, and their future family.

Salvatore Minniti began managing construction sites across the Perth Metropolitan and Peel areas.

On the 29/07/1975, Salvatore’s son, Domenic Minniti was born, in Perth, Australia

Minniti and Son was a one-man company established and run by Salvatore Minniti, specialising in multi-unit developments.

Carrisa Pty Ltd established

Domenic began to work for his father at 15. He worked part-time as an on-site labourer and part-time as a Supervisor, for the next 3 years.

Domenic supervised his first job at the age of 17. His first job was to oversee the completion of a commercial space, fitted for a car dealership

Domenic began to work full-time at Minniti and Son, learning more about what it means to run a successful construction business from his dad.

Once Domenic completed his builder’s license, he began concreting with Mark Audino, his now brother-in-law.

They established relationships with trusted suppliers & trades, who are still used by Minniti and Son today.

Salvatore and Domenic moved into their first office, occupying half of the building’s upper floor.

During this time, Domenic was made a manager of the company and worked closely with his dad to run the business.

Within a year, their business had doubled in size, occupying the entire upper floor.

Domination Homes was established, with Domenic and his father returning to their roots of quality, luxury homes.

The family business grew to take over both floors within the building.

Around this time, Domenic built his family home in St Andrews, Dianella and prospective clients were phoning in using the number displayed on the construction sign.

Within no time, Domenic and his father were building homes for families all over Perth.

Domenic and his father built their first Display Home in Willowbank Entrance, Gwellup

This was designed by Dom & an Architect, and built under the supervision of his brother-in-law Mark Audino, solidifying his legacy as a skilful and kind leader in Domination Homes’s history.

This project was one of Mark’s first projects as a Supervisor at Domination Homes, thusly, solidifying his legacy as a skillful and kind leader in Domination Homes’ history.

On the 14/05/2002, Domenic’s son and Salvatore’s grandson, Samuel Minniti, was born in Perth, Australia.

Domination Homes had flourished as a business, with a full team in office.

Pre-Start consultants were introduced ensuring that clients had the best possible customer experience, making communication simple.

They built their new office in Malaga, the same office they operate from today.

Zircon Living launched, originally as Zircon Projects, and created an opportunity for Anthony Audino, son of Mark Audino, to re-introduce the commercial size projects into the company and expand the types of projects that the company built.

Today, Zircon Living is its own successful subdivision of Domination Homes, allowing the team to build homes accessible to more people but with the same quality craftsmanship and experience that Domination Homes is known for.

Domination Homes renovated its showroom with an innovative, striking design to ensure their customer-focused team can continue to provide, industry leading, award-winning service, to not only their clients but also their trades and suppliers.

Samuel Minniti, Domenic’s son, officially joins the company, bringing him a wealth of graphic design experience, a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovating Architecture.

Samuel is a dedicated and hard worker, slowly building his own team within the company of dedicated creatives, working hard to improve the company’s brand awareness and digital presence in line with the expectations of being a business today.

Samuel has been instrumental in reviving the Minniti and Son brand, working hard alongside his dad to build a brand image that bests represents the company today.

Samuel is currently working towards being a registered builder so that he can work alongside his dad and bring his own unique perspective and passion to the company.


Minniti and Son begins work on the first of many new home designs for the high-end, luxury home market.

2022 / DESIGN

Minniti and Son takes form in a new incarnation to deliver high-end homes, answering Perth’s call for quality homes built with design expertise.