A continued tradition of excellence

Over 40 years of construction knowledge and three generations of experience

Minniti and Son is a manifestation of over 40 years of construction knowledge and three generations of experience. With the financial security of being a subsidiary of the Domination Homes building group, our clients can build with certainty that their home has been constructed by the best and most experienced hands possible. We believe that outstanding design and construction lead to outstanding homes, and our rigorous design and build process is a testament to this.

Highest quality finishes

Our homes are constructed using only the highest quality finishes, with long-term relationships with some of the world’s greatest suppliers. At Minniti and Son, we are committed to quality craftsmanship, so much so that our homes include twelve months of included maintenance by one of our talented supervisors and dedicated staff to ensure the longevity of your finishes.

A desire to set a new standard of Perth residential designs

With a desire to establish the new standard of Perth residential designs, we are always developing the avant-garde of construction. Working with local Architects & Designers, Minniti and Son value an extensive design process completed with the highest quality construction. Discover a new way to design and build, considering the impact your home will have on the surrounding context and environment without compromising on luxury.

Site supervisors and their long-standing relationships

Our Site Supervisors’ relationships with dedicated trades, suppliers and staff will be a significant factor in the craftsmanship of the building process. In all custom homes, the building methodology will be specific to each design and the materials used on that particular home. We endeavour to push the boundaries in the construction process. To do this, working closely with suppliers and trades is key, with expert supervision from one of our Site Supervisors and Construction Manager.

Design Focus

At Minniti and Son, we are dedicated to innovating how we design, favouring ‘form fused with function’, rather than the common thinking of ‘form follows function’. Our team of experienced industry professionals are committed to making your perfect home a reality. We utilize key focuses of design to excel in luxury home design, with a focus on;


Designs are relevant throughout past, present, and future architectural styles. Essentially, the Designer or Architect will modify, create or innovate to achieve this feel. This refinement ensures that your home is tailormade to your needs, considering your life currently and any potential essentials in the years to come.


Presence means existence, the design speaks for itself and it feels ‘alive.’ This can be done in different ways such as a mixed-use of materials, patterns, and custom requirements, depending on the design theme and client’s brief. Our goal is to evoke our clients’ emotions as they arrive home, this emotion is what we believe makes our designs successful.


Whether designing a bath cabinet or a master ensuite, the level of attention is the same to achieve the best outcome. This detail relies on our commitment to accuracy and a detail-oriented approach, two skills the team at Minniti and Son is constantly refining.

Construction Focus

At Minniti and Son, we believe that a home cannot be excellent without expert construction. We are dedicated to adhering to a set of fundamental principles that dictate our construction practice, with a focus on;


We are dedicated to creating beautiful luxury homes of the utmost quality craftsmanship. We believe that luxury and quality are intrinsically linked; that you can’t have one without the other. We always try to support local businesses whenever possible. Minniti and Son are proud to work with an amazing range of local Western Australian trades to bring you the best quality products available, while also reducing our carbon footprint at the same time.


As a team, we value our willingness to deliver and innovate a refined home, allowing us to establish the standard of design and construction in Perth. By working with Architects and Interior Designers, our team has pushed the boundaries to set this standard. When working with the client, we develop a clear design inspiration and intent, shaping the way in which we build around their specific needs. Through an iterative design process, we can ensure that the final design is the best design option for the client and the site, exceeding their expectations while innovating construction.


We understand that sustainability is a necessary next step in reducing the environmental impact of the construction industry. Our team understands and implements the necessary steps to improve our home designs sustainability. We are mindful of our carbon footprint and are actively taking necessary steps in improving our practices to reduce the impacts of this. Integration of rainwater harvesting, in-floor heating, roof top gardens and smart home systems are installed in the construction of these homes. These systems keep carbon emissions low and energy ratings high.